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David Rowan. 


International Medium David has worked in his capacity as a Medium for over 20 years, both here and on the International circuit, his reputation preceeds him in many area's as a unique Medium with his wonderful ability to connect to Spirit.


David has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows both here in the UK and the USA, working alongside many of the more famous Mediums. His unique ability has gained him a reputation second to none and as such finds himself in great demand to give personal one to one readings, charity work and stage demonstrations.


Psychic Readings.

David offers great insight through his personal readings, he gives help with individuals relationship issues, financial worries, health issues and anything that is generally worrying you in life, his clarity at pinpointing the issues is wonderful.

To book a reading with David you can email him Davidrowan@mail.com or call / text him on 07724 115897 and he will call you right back or as soon as is humanly possible. Group bookings are also considered.

Psychic Parties.

Interested in hosting a Psychic Party. In the comfort of your own home David will come to give personal one to one readings to you, family and friends. Minimum attendance 6 to a max of 8, the host / hostess gets a FREE reading. For more information please contact David.

Email Readings.

Time can so often be against us, so dont despair, David is able to provide you with an indepth email reading to help you answer any questions or problems you have in life, simply email him for pricing and how to pay.

Telephone Readings.

As above with time so often against us, David offers telephone readings, simply email or give him a call to enquire of costing, if from overseas, please email and David will respond as soon as possible.



David has often been called up to offer comfort and to give Healing to those in need, although many people prefer to use Reiki Healers, David has always maintained that the power of healing or Comfort comes not from any other source as proclaimed by many, but by a Spiritual source, as the channel he allows Spirit to work through him to provide this wonderful and much needed comfort to those in distress, he also points out however that any form of Healing is not as a replacement to what your Doctors or Consultants advise and would NEVER tell anyone to cease taking medications or there own Doctors advisement to the problem at hand.

Talk to David for more information of how he may be able to assist you further.

 Contact Information.

David works out of the area's of Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgshire, Oxfordshire and surrounding districts, so to discuss any of the above mentioned please either email him Davidrowan@mail.com or call / text him on 07724 115897 for bookings and further information.

Please note as stipulated by law we now have to declare that all Psychic Readings are purely for Entertainment purpose's only.